Wisdom 360

Shamanic Journeying Classes

Shamanic Journeying is a form of spiritual practice which facilitates entering an active meditation state. In this mediation state the person is able to access Divine guidance, support, information and healing by connecting with and working with energies, Beings, spiritual guides, power animals, angels, and more. Brenda teaches this active form of meditation from a perspective that honors Native American tradition.

Using the beat of a drum, which has been shown to facilitate trance meditation in humans, Brenda guides students in allowing some of their energy to go outside of our usual, ordinary reality to be in “non-ordinary reality” (NOR). From this perspective, students are able to access in literal and symbolic form guidance, support and healing.

NOR is initially considered to have three levels: An upper world which is light, airy and cloud-like; a lower world which looks much like a different version of our current world, and the middle world, which is the energetic complement to our current reality. As a person becomes more skilled, they can explore and learn from many “places” and Beings outside of ordinary reality (OR) time and space. Some of these experiences include the akashic record room, which holds information about “past lives,” and other dimensions of experience. It was through shamanic journeying that Brenda first had long conversations with angels and began to learn about all the ways the Divine wishes to support us in creating our unique paths.

Historically, this class has been done over a single long weekend (Friday through Sunday) or over two weekends. The class includes a manual, education and practice. It is important to realize that learning shamanic journeying as a spiritual practice is like any other spiritual practice: the benefits and skills connected with a particular practice are only fully experienced with actual practice over time.

Brenda believes it is important to learn shamanic journeying from a reputable teacher and not from a book. When exploring unknown things, it is important to know how to do so with safety and integrity.