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Angelic Suggestions

Healing Requests Suggested By the Angels

Feel free to talk with the angels and ask them for assistance. They can only help if we ask! Here are some general suggestions of requests we can make of the angels.

As you make these requests, focus on saying not only the words silently or out loud, but also feel the intention of the words and your heart:

  • I ask my angels to fix any rips or tears in my energy field. And I thank you for doing so.
  • I ask my angels to return to me all the energy of my essence, with grace and peace and joy. And I thank you for doing this for me.
  • Please help me see, let go, and release any hurts or injustices I may be harboring. Help me release any blockages to a more open and loving relationship with you. Thank you for your constant love.
  • I ask my angels to release me from all mistaken beliefs and fill me with truth, clarity and light. Thank you for your love and light.
  • I ask my angels to release me from all unhelpful energy. I am grateful for the purpose served by this energy and ask my angels to release this energy and transmute it into unconditional love. I am filled with your love and light. Thank you for your cleansing peace.
  • I ask my angels to help me heal all the ways in which I leak energy from my life.
  • When you wish to release unhelpful feelings about something specific or you feel it is the right time for you to forgive someone else or yourself:
    • Thank you for the gift in this experience, even though I may not see it or feel it. Please help me to know the gift. I trust it is there, and I ask for your help in trusting the perfection in all things. In this awareness of perfection, I release all anger, jealousy, resentment, regret and fear. I ask you to fill me with pure light and thank you for filling my whole being with loving energy.
  • Please fill me with your healing light energy. Thank you for filling me with your light.
  • I am open to having my wiring changed, in the perfect timing, to allow a greater connection to you, my angels. Thank you for helping me connect to you.