Wisdom 360

Divine Guidance and Support For Who You Are Intended to Be*

(or Creating Your Perfect Life!)
---Read what the angels have to say about this…---
Brenda J. Hafner loves working with the angels
to fulfill her Divine Purpose on earth:
Inspiring others to have hope and joy.

Trained as a clinical social worker (psychotherapist), Brenda now uses her gifts of clairaudience and clairvoyance (hearing and seeing the angels) to be a messenger of the love, support, guidance and healing the angels have to offer all of us.

*From Brenda:
I originally thought my work was best described as “Divine Guidance and Support For Who You Are Intended to Be.” Then I asked the angels what they suggested for a description. Their response was quick: “That’s easy! Creating Your Perfect Life!

I told the angels I thought that sounded a bit like an infomercial and a bit cheesy. They proceeded to explain:

Creating: Your lives are a co-creation between you and the Divine, built with thoughts and intentions and choices and requests. Your life is a dynamic creation in process.

Your Perfect Life: You are creating your perfect life—specific to your desired experiences, your lessons, your gifts and your Divine purpose on Earth. There is no one else like you, and the best life to create is the one that is perfect for you and your unique place in creation.

Well, okay! I would be honored to assist you in creating your perfect life!

Many blessings always,