Wisdom 360

Native American Journeying (Shamanic Journeying) Consultations

What is it?

At Wisdom 360, journeying is a healing modality and form of meditation adapted from Native American tradition. In journeying, Brenda enters into a meditative state, on the client's behalf, which allows her to access non-ordinary reality.

Some liken the service provider to the role of a pinch hitter in the world of baseball, except it is in the realm of personal concerns. With the client's intention in mind, Brenda asks for the help of the Universe to access information and energy that addresses the client's concerns in the context of Love and the Greatest Good.

Brenda tells the client what is being experienced during the journey into non-ordinary reality as it is being experienced. The Universe directs the journey within the context of the greater good. At times, the client may have opportunity to be more active in the experience by directly asking specific and clarifying questions of the angels/spiritual guides as the journey is happening. Brenda will continue to act as a reporter to the client of what is happening during the meditation experience; information and experiences may be literal or symbolic.

However a journey progresses, the goal is to provide clients with information and / or energy that can be used for personal growth, health, understanding, healing, or as Universal guidance in deciding on choices. The information shared in a journey may be literal, symbolic, verbal, visual, or experiential. It is up to the client to decide how to best use the information, energy and support provided by the Universe.

When would a person choose journeying?

Some people consider prayer as talking to God, and journeying as a way to listen. Journeying may be most appropriate when you wish to listen—in general or about a specific issue. Many people use it as a way to gain specific Divine guidance or understanding about a concern, issue, or decision.

Some examples may include:
  • If you are seeking spiritual understanding concerning an issue or relationship
  • If you have a specific issue or concern you are unsure how to approach
  • If you feel stuck concerning an issue
  • To clarify past/future influences, with the goal of understanding and healing
  • To identify and tap into sources of support for yourself in the physical and spiritual realms
  • To increase your awareness of and connection with your guardian angels, spiritual guides, or power animal
  • To communicate with the essence of things, from pets to plants, with the goal of greater harmony or good. Some have sought meditations to help in deciding on medical treatment for pets or loved-ones who cannot communicate in usual ways.

What can I expect in a journeying session?

Brenda will initially review any paperwork the client has filled out. Then she will ask for the client's intention or question for the journey. If it is unclear or difficult to phrase, some time may be spent formulating the intention question or statement. Brenda may offer suggestions based on her experience, in order to allow the client opportunity to gain the most helpful information. (See the section on formulating a question or statement of intention.)

Before beginning the journey, Brenda will dedicate the client, service provider and space for sacred purposes. Native American tradition believes in the unity of all creation. With that in mind, Brenda will honor and invite in the Energy and Life-Force of all creation, asking that the process be guided with Love for the Greatest Good.

Brenda will then enter a meditative state, usually by drumming a particular tone and frequency. She may drum the entire time she is meditating, or she may stop once the experience is underway. In this meditative state, Guidance is offered by Beings who are at one with the will of the Divine; they have many different forms, ranging from human to animal to other unfamiliar forms. Brenda only works under the guidance of Divine Beings who are able to be at-one with the will of the Divine, offering only information in service of love and the greatest good.

While Brenda shares what is happening in the journey, the client usually takes notes or records the journey on tape, so as to have a clear record of the experience for later understanding. Clients are welcome to bring a cassette tape.

Each experience is different. It may be a symbolic experience; it may be literal and verbal. Brenda can control her own actions and questions in the experience, but the experience itself is Divinely directed to address the client's needs. This is why it is the client's interpretation of the journeying experience that matters most.

It is highly recommended that the client take careful notes of the journey as much as possible, as words and experiences can have many different levels of meaning. This is especially true when much of the information may be symbolic. Often, experiences may have different meanings over time. If a spiritual gift or previously "lost" energy is to be brought back to the physical world for the client, Brenda may "blow " this gift or energy into the client. She will cup her hands over the client's heart chakra and blow; then she will do the same at the client's crown (head). In the style of Native American tradition, she will then use a rattle or rattling motion circling over the person to "seal" in the gift. Clients always maintain their free will; it is up to the client's spirit to accept the gift, or it will leave.

It is recommended that a person examine various aspects of a decision and seek clarity a minimum of three times before making any major life-choices based on journeying information. Remember, journeying information can be literal or symbolic and have many meanings over time. Ultimately, each person must make the choices that feel most right to him or her.

Formulating an Intention Question or Statement

The wording of an intentional question or statement for a journey is crucial. It is important to understand some basic concepts about the functioning of the Divine:
  • "Time" is not a functioning concept in the realm of the Divine.
  • The Greatest Good comes from love, compassion, and relatedness. The Divine cares for us unconditionally; therefore, choices are not judged as "good" or "bad," only as options with consequences and effects.
  • Non-verbal (symbolic) communication is the communication method used most.

For these reasons, it is best to avoid yes-and-no questions. It is also best to avoid "compound questions"—asking more than one thing at a time. (Choose only one focus at a time. If the word "and" is in your intention, it is probably a compound question / intention.) And don't ask "when."

Questions to ask yourself in formulating an intentional statement or question are:
  • What question or statement will give me the most information?
  • Will I do anything differently based on the information I receive? If it is curiosity alone that prompts the question, and there is no clear intention for healing or a greater connection to the Divine, the journey is often non-productive.
  • Is this journey about MY choices and ME? If it is about someone else’s life, it is not appropriate as an intention, unless you are responsible for the other person, such as a child or a dependent adult. It can be appropriate to seek greater compassion and understanding in yourself towards another person, but this is different than seeking to control others’ choices.
The following are examples of some appropriate meditation intentions. The options are limitless:
  • What can I do to increase my connection to the Tao (God, the Universe, the Creator, my angels...)?
  • What is important for me to consider in deciding which job to take?
  • I am seeking a relationship with my guardian angel / power animal / guardian spirit.
  • How should I go about finding a new house, for the greatest good?
  • I am seeking understanding about the sources of my anger at . . .
  • I am seeking to speak with the spirit of our dog, Cotey. In statements such as this, it is important to have a second intention (of negotiating or finding the greatest good) concerning that conversation, i.e., "What are your wishes concerning further medical treatments?"
  • I am open to whatever is important for me to understand at this time.

As noted before, if you are unsure how to phrase your intention for a meditation, Brenda can work with you to find clarity and formulate phrasing. At times, the angels themselves may have a suggestion.

Can I learn to do journeying for myself?

Doing this form of meditation for oneself can facilitate great personal understanding, growth and healing.

Wisdom 360 offers periodic weekend trainings for individuals to learn Native American/Shamanic Journeying as a personal practice. Many people are able to learn this skill; however, everyone is different, with different innate skills and gifts. If you are interested in knowing when trainings are held, please inquire or ask to be put on the Wisdom 360‘s mailing list.

There are also other organizations (such as the Foundation for Shamanic Studies) that offer workshops and seminars in "Basic Journeying." Classes through the respected Foundation for Shamanic Studies can be found at www.shamanism.org. Usually, the more respected workshops take place over a weekend. Ask if you would like more information.

There are books that describe how to go about experiencing and developing skills in meditation or Native American or Shamanic journeying. It is the recommendation of Wisdom 360 that a person take a class or training from a reputable teacher before attempting to journey on one’s own. There are important understandings necessary in learning how to journey with safety and respect, and these are best learned in a safe environment with an experienced teacher.