Wisdom 360

Angel Connections

Although Brenda first helped others talk with angels through Shamanic Journeying in the late 1990’s, she began to specifically work with the angels and teach others to connect in 2002. Since then, Brenda has conducted various workshops of varying lengths to educate other about the angels, ways to connect to them, and ways to connect with their loving, guiding messages and support.

Brenda’s Angel Connection Trainings (ACTs) include education about angels, suggestions of ways to increase your vibration and ability to connect, examples of how to recognize Divine messages in your life, practice in connecting with your angels, and angel-guided mediations.

If you or your group would like to have Brenda offer an Angel Connection Training, please contact her and she can tailor her presentation to your groups’ wishes and needs, both in time and interest. As always, she will confer with the angels to find out what they wish to include for each specific group presentation.

Presentations can range from a two-hour presentation with handouts for 12 people to a PowerPoint presentation and a manual for hundreds.

Topics covered can include:

  • Who are Angels and What is Their Mission
  • Characteristics of Angels
  • Three Things the Angels Want You to Know
  • Vibration
  • Goals of Humans and Lucifer
  • Some of the Archangels
  • Physical Behaviors to Facilitate a Connection to Your Angels
  • Energy Anatomy and Soul Loss
  • Causes of Energy Blockages/ Releasing Energy Blockages
  • Tips to Help in Aligning with the Angel’s Vibration
  • Formulating Questions for Angelic Guidance
  • Conversing 101