Wisdom 360

Experience and Heart: Brenda J. Hafner, M.S.W.

It is the deepest desire of the angels to know we are never alone and we are perfectly loved by the Divine. Brenda’s intention is to work with the angels, to support and guide others to know hope and joy, experience healing, and be the greatest expression of who they are intended to be. A summary of her formal training and experience is listed below.

Over the years, Brenda’s work has evolved from private practice as a psychotherapist to spiritually-based coaching and healing services. Her practice has been called Healing Options, Soul Teachings ®, and finally, Wisdom 360. Brenda’s services focus on Divine guidance and healing, working especially with and for the angels.

Brenda is able to see and hear the loving guidance of the angels, and she shares this with clients to facilitate a conversation with the angels about whatever concerns a client may have. Under the angels’ direction, sessions sometimes include loved-ones who have passed, information about past lives, and other guidance from a larger perspective — Divine Wisdom.

Brenda also uses her energy healing training as a source of guidance and support to clients. Brenda is able to see clients’ energy fields and the angels as they do their energy healing. After the energy work, she is then able to share with clients what she experienced being done and any Divine messages given for the client during the energy healing.

During shamanic journeying sessions, healing guidance may also include working with power animals, spirit guides and helping spirits and the angels.

The Divine is willing to speak to each of us in the ways we hear best.
We only need to ask and listen.

Formal Education

  • Master of Social Work degree from the University of Michigan (1987)
  • Bachelor of Arts degree, psychology major, Hope College (1980)

Healing Consultation and Coaching Expertise

  • Over 30 years of providing counseling services in agencies and private practice concerning a wide range of issues: esteem, women’s issues, depression, parenting, relationships, sexual abuse recovery, and spiritual growth
  • Able to see and hear your guiding angels; Angel-guided consultations to access their loving input and suggestions related to concerns
  • Classes offering education, training and assistance to others for connecting with their angelic guidance

Energy Healing Expertise

  • Usui Reiki Master, providing Reiki training for all levels (1998)
  • Karuna® Reiki Master, providing training for all levels
  • Trained in all three levels of Usui Reiki and familiar with various styles
  • Trained in TJR (Traditional Japanese Reiki)
  • Trained in Tera-Mai Reiki
  • Core Star Energy Healing- two years of training (Barbara Brennan style)
  • Ongoing training such as
    • Healing Touch® Levels 1, 2 and 3;
    • Anatomy for Healers®, Levels 1 and 2;
    • Healing Touch for Animals Level 1;
    • Healing Disruptive Energy Patterns (Healing Touch International, Inc.)

Native American Journeying

  • Trained with Sandra Ingerman, through the well-known Foundation for Shamanic Studies (1996)
  • Teacher of this method for others to use safely and competently