Wisdom 360

Consultations & Sessions

Angelic Consultation, Guidance and Support

offers opportunity to gain new information, perspectives and understandings in a safe, loving atmosphere with a trained professional. I call these sessions “angel consultations.”

Each person’s angels are called in to offer their perspectives, support, and love. I am able to hear and see the angels and their messages, which I then share with the person for understanding, healing and direction. These sessions can be done individually or in a group; the focus can be personal or even concerning a business. (Link to “What Can I Expect in an Angelic Consultation Session”)

Energy Field Healing and Divine Messages

is a healing method, which facilitates physical, emotional, and/or spiritual healing and growth, helping each person move toward greater wholeness, peace, health and joy. Clients report sessions to be relaxing, comforting, and powerful. To receive this energy, clients need only remove shoes, relax on a massage-style table and be open to receiving the healing energy, which moves through me and out my hands.

Based on the knowledge that all things alive have energy moving through them and around them, this method uses the practitioner’s body as a vehicle through which Life Force Energy, filled with the consciousness and will of the Divine, is guided to facilitate a greater flow of energy in the client. Angels guide the use of this energy to assist the client in whatever way is best. In this way, the person moves towards having greater energy to heal and experience joy.

I am able to observe clients’ energy fields and the energy’s interventions. If desired, I will provide feedback about your energy field, the energy’s interventions, and the angels’ suggestions and messages. (Link to “What Can I Expect in an Energy Field Healing Session”)

Native American Journeying/Meditation

involves having me enter into a meditative state on your behalf, like a pinch hitter in the world of baseball, except it is in the realm of meditation and personal concerns. Honoring Native American traditions, I use a drum to enter into the meditative state. With your intention in mind, I experience in literal or symbolic form information from the Universe that addresses your concerns in the context of Love and the Greatest Good. This information is shared with you while I am experiencing it in meditation, so you may ask clarifying questions of me or the meditation experience as it is shared. (Link to “What Can I Expect in a Native American Journeying Session”).