Wisdom 360


Can anyone learn to see and hear the angels?

Yes and no. In theory, we can all develop the ability to see and hear the angels. However, everyone is different, with different gifts and paths and intentions. While the angels and their help are available to everyone for the asking, it may not be important for each person to see and hear the angels’ communications in the same way. The angels can communicate in many ways, and the best goal is to discover the ways you are best able to connect with the Divine assistance that is always there for you. Some people feel things physically, like a feather touching their cheek. Others feel things in their hearts, knowing intuitively when something is right and Divinely inspired. Yet others receive powerful and guiding dreams. If you ask the angels for their assistance and guidance and you are open to their communication, they will find a way share with you in ways you can understand.

There are things we can all do to raise our vibration levels to make it easier to connect with the Angels and their messages. Meditation can be helpful. Reiki attunements can assist in raising our vibration levels. Discontinuing smoking or eating less meat can assist us. We can be careful to keep our legs uncrossed at the ankles, making sure energy flows in our bodies. We can breathe deeply. We can talk with the angels. We can keep our spines straight and learn new ways of increasing our vibration. We can focus on attitudes of gratefulness and wonder and peace. All of these things and more can raise our vibration levels and help upgrade our energy fields to allow easier access to the angels’ guidance.

Are my deceased loved ones angels for me?

In my experience, the Divine holds love and free will in the highest regard. When our loved ones leave their bodies, they retain their free will. From a new vantage point of understanding and experience, many of our deceased loved ones choose to watch over us and remain close to us in their new form, wanting to be available and continue to advocate for our greatest good. The limits of time and space are less hindering, so they may choose to watch over us and “go to school” to learn more about the world, themselves or the lessons they desire to grasp.

In my experience, our deceased loved ones can be powerful advocates for us in the physical and spiritual realms. However, they are not “angels” per se; our deceased loved ones usually still have lessons they choose to learn or experiences to journey through. The angels are pure love, at-one with the will of the Divine, without any lessons to learn. Our deceased loved ones may advocate for us with the angels to help us and support us. Our deceased loved ones and the angels may both work to assist us, but in my experience they are not the same beings.

Why do you talk to angels and spirit guides and not directly to God or Jesus?

The Divine wishes for each of us to feel the love and unconditional support that is available to us. Each of us is a different and unique expression of Divine creation. We each have different strengths, vulnerabilities, comfort-zones and skills. While it is wonderful to talk (pray) directly to God, God has also created “assistants” who are at-one with the will of God, but unique in their vibration and role. By doing this, God has given us options and avenues through which we can connect with the Divine’s love and support and guidance. If you feel most connected to Divine love and support through your relationship with Jesus, please foster that relationship. Others feel most connected to Divine love and support by connecting with their power animals, the angels, or spirit guides. The goal is to connect with the love and support and guidance the Divine has for us, making sure that “avenue” is at-one with the will of the Divine.

As I write this, I am shown a vision of the rural property on which I live. The best mobile phone connection on my property varies by location and provider. God does not care if I use Sprint, Verizon, or AT&T, as long as I have the strongest connection possible for where I am in the moment, with the goal of connecting with “Divine Headquarters” with clarity and love.

For myself, I do talk with Jesus (he is especially easy to connect with at Easter), Mother Mary, God, the angels, power animals, spirit guides---each has been more clear at different times and in different places. I have a special connection to the angels and their work.

Isn’t it unsafe to have contact with or talk with people who are dead?

Those who are deceased often have messages they wish to share with those of us still in our bodies on Earth. Sometimes the deceased wish to apologize for things done on Earth while in their human form. For loved ones left behind, hearing from a deceased person their apologies or love from beyond can be comforting and healing. It can be comforting to know our loved one is safe and happy in their new experience. Talking to someone who is deceased can be a wonderful and positive experience. The Divine wishes for each of us to heal and step into our fullness, and if contact with a deceased person can provide opportunity for healing, it is wonderful to have that option for healing.

With that in mind, it is also important to not take the advice of those who have passed as if it is absolute truth. Sometimes, those who have passed still have lessons to learn, perceptions which are clouded or personal agendas involved. Why take the advice of a deceased person any more than we would take the advice of a living person? I always suggest each person weigh any information they receive with what feels most right in their heart; the Divine values free will and wishes for us to make whatever choices we believe best. In my sessions with clients, I always ask the angels to be present, guiding each session and its content.

If you ever feel unsafe in any contact with a deceased person, please call on the Divine or Archangel Michael for infinite protection and Divine clarity. With the Divine or angels guiding the way, you are safe indeed.

Can I use my insurance benefits for your services?

Though I am licensed as a LSCSW (Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker) in Kansas and a LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) in Missouri, you cannot use your insurance benefits for sessions. The sessions I provide are separate from my licensing, and they utilize my gifts and skills in working with the angels and energy fields, etc., not considered usual “standard of care” in traditional social work.

Some insurance companies on the east coast have begun accepting shamanic journeying as a treatment modality, realizing that those who have utilized journeying often heal from trauma more quickly and easily. Some insurance companies have also begun to accept Healing Touch (in which I am trained) as a treatment modality when prescribed by a medical doctor. However, at this point, do not plan to use your insurance benefits for sessions with me.

Can I write your services off as a business expense?

Obviously a question for your accountant! However, I do have some clients who consider their sessions with me to be a business expense. The angels wish us to be happy in every area of our lives, including work. The angels are happy to provide guidance about important business decisions and ways to be joyful in your work. If you are a provider of energy sessions yourself, sessions may focus on self-care and consultation. While using sessions as a business expense is a decision you and your accountant must decide, it is certainly something to consider.