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Energy Healing Sessions (Guided by the Angels)

What is it?

Energy Healing Sessions are based on the belief that all things have life giving energy (also called life force energy or LFE) moving through them and around them. This dynamic life force energy both reflects our state of health and affects our functioning physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Our human energy fields can sometimes develop blockages to energy flow, rips or tears in the structures of our energy fields, or other disturbances to our greatest flow. Energy healing seeks to correct these issues and facilitate a more speedy and smooth path to our greatest potential.

In energy healing sessions, Brenda acts as a conduit or pipeline for Divinely-guided energy to be offered to the client through her hands and her creation of sacred space. With the intention that whatever healing happens is in service of the client’s greatest good, Brenda asks the angels to guide her work and to assist her to be an open and clear conduit of whatever messages and healing the angels would like to offer the client.

Utilizing her gifts in clairaudience and clairvoyance (the ability to see and hear the angels and the energy fields of others), Brenda observes the energy healing work being done and notes whatever messages or feedback the angels may have for the client. She then shares this with the client after the formal energy work is done.

Brenda has been trained in various forms of Reiki. Reiki is a Japanese word: Rei means “God’s Consciousness or Divine Wisdom”; Ki means “Life Force Energy.” Therefore, Reiki means Life Force Energy which is filled with Divine Wisdom or God’s Consciousness. The tradition of Reiki is based on the practitioner being a conduit of this energy from the Divine; the practitioner does not guide the energy. Whatever healing work is done is guided by the Divine and the client’s intentions.

Brenda also trained for two years with the Core Star Energy Healing School in the Kansas City area. This training follows the style of energy healing first offered by Barbara Brennan.

Brenda’s personal style of energy healing blends her unique experiences and trainings, asking the angels to guide her work with each client.

What is it?

When would a person choose an Energy Healing Session?

Most clients report Energy Healing Sessions to be very relaxing, comforting, and powerful. Research has shown energy healing to increase immune system functioning, decrease anxiety, and increase a person’s sense of connection to the Divine and their sense of control in the world. Energy Healing can also be a wonderful assist in physical, emotional and spiritual healing and growth. Many people use energy healing as a comforting and safe alternative to massage. It can also be a powerful complement to traditional psychotherapy.

While less conversational than an Angel Connection and Consultation Session, often Divine guidance is shared in Energy Healing Sessions. Hence, it is appropriate to choose Energy Healing Sessions when you have specific physical, emotional, mental or spiritual concerns with which you wish not only cognitive guidance, but also energetic support and comfort.

At times, the angels have suggested clients utilize energy healing to assist in feeling in the cells of their body the loving suggestions and help the Divine wishes to offer. Because Brenda is able to use her spiritual gifts to observe clients’ energy fields and the Reiki energy’s interventions, Wisdom 360 Energy Healing sessions also offer opportunity for feedback about your energy field and information in the form of the angels’ suggestions and messages during the energy work.

Energy Healing Sessions can be valuable any time a person is seeking clarity, hope, joy, guidance, direction, nurturing and support, any time a sense of connection to the Divine is desired. Some clients have Energy Healing Sessions with the only intention being “Help, healing and guidance in whatever ways are important or helpful for me;” then they let the angels choose the focus.

Some examples of when a person might seek an Energy Healing Session include:

  • If you are seeking greater understanding concerning an issue or relationship
  • If you have a specific issue or concern you are unsure how to approach
  • If you feel stuck or frustrated concerning an issue
  • To experience support for yourself in the physical and spiritual realms
  • To increase your awareness of and connection with your angels
  • To find direction and clarity about your intended path
  • To reduce anxiety, feel calmer or facilitate physical healing
  • To connect with your Divine Essence within and Divine support.

What can I expect in an Energy Healing Session?

Brenda will initially review any paperwork the client has filled out. Then, she will ask the client for information about whatever intentions or concerns he or she has for the energy healing session. Brenda or the angels may ask clarifying questions. Brenda usually jots these down on paper, so they are easily remembered during the energy work.

Once the client’s intentions are clear, the client will remove any leather, silk or shoe wear, and lay on their back on what looks like a massage table. It is suggested that the client set the intention to be open to the healing energies being offered to them. Some clients meditate, some leave their eyes open, some nap, others lay quietly with eyes closed. It is important that clients keep their ankles uncrossed. Sometimes music is played, other times the work is done in silence; this is decided by the angels’ direction.

After washing her hands, Brenda silently or aloud asks the angels to be present, thanking them for their love and guidance. She will also ask them to assist her in being as open and clear a conduit as possible. She will hold the intention that the session will serve the highest good of all concerned, especially that of the client.

Because Brenda is trained in various methods of energy work, some which start at the head and some at the feet, Brenda asks for the angels’ guidance on how to proceed with the energy healing. Sometimes work will begin at the head, following the common positions used in Reiki. This procedure often includes Brenda lightly laying her hands on the person’s head (on top of the head, then over the eyes, the sides of the head and the back of the head). Then the person’s shoulders, upper chest and heart, upper belly, lower belly, knees, ankles and feet.

If the angels suggest using positions common to other traditions in which Brenda has trained, the energy healing session may begin at the feet and move up the body focusing on the joint areas, the lower belly, upper belly, heart, throat area and head and shoulders.

At other times, the angels suggest starting in the middle…..each session is guided for the particular client.

Brenda usually does the work in silence, sometimes stopping to jot notes about what she may see in the energy field, the work being done, and any messages, guidance or questions the angel may have for the client. Though her hands may not be on the client when writing, the angels continue to do the healing energy work. When the energy healing part of the session is done, Brenda will let the client know that they can get up whenever they are ready. Some people feel quickly ready to leave the table and return to the sitting area, others need time to come fully back to themselves.

Then, Brenda and the client will return to the sitting area, and Brenda will share with the client whatever she may have seen or heard during the energy work portion of the session. The client will have opportunity to ask clarifying questions. The client is welcome to record this part of the session (if a regular-sized cassette tape is brought, there is a portable recorder in the office). Brenda will give the written notes of the session to the client. Although Brenda used to keep these notes for her files, the angels have directed her to give these to the client, as the paper itself holds some of the energy of the healing session itself.

An Energy Healing Session usually lasts 80-90 minutes.

Can an Energy Healing Session be done long-distance?

Yes. Long-Distance Energy Healing Sessions can be done. At the scheduled appointment time, the client calls Brenda’s office number. Brenda will then immediately call the client back (on a phone with a better connection), and they will discuss and clarify the client’s healing intentions. When this is done, the client will lay down comfortably on his or her back with the phone near, phone line open, preferable in speaker phone. Brenda will do the energy work session, phone on speaker, intentioning the client’s body on the energy work table in her office. The session will proceed as a usual session.

The angels and healing energy are not hindered by time or space, and many clients find such sessions just as powerful as sessions done in-person.

Can I learn to do healing energy work on myself and others?

YES! The angels are always there for us, whether we are aware of their presence or not. Just ask for their help, ask for whatever healing you may wish or need, at any time. Feel free to read their suggested healing requests for humans in general (link). As for the angels’ help any time, and especially ask for energy healing work before falling asleep.

Brenda also offers Reiki training in levels I, II and III. She is also a Karuna Reiki master and has taught these classes as well. These classes teach mainly things about successful energy healing, including information about the human energy field, ethics and protection in doing healing energy work, and techniques for raising your vibration level. We all have some healing capabilities, so feel free to lay your hands on yourself or others and ask for Divine energy to flow through you for the greatest good.

If you are interested in knowing when trainings are held, please inquire or ask to be put on the Wisdom 360‘s mailing list. If you would like to schedule one for your group, please contact Wisdom 360.

There are books that describe more about energy healing. Some of those Brenda recommends are listed in the resources section.