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Angelic Connection and Consultation Sessions (“Angel Sessions”)

What is it?

In Angelic Connection and Consultation Sessions (“Angel Sessions” for short), Brenda asks the angels to be in sessions to guide, support and offer feedback and questions. Utilizing her gifts in clairaudience and clairvoyance (the ability to see and hear the angels), Brenda shares with clients the angels’ messages and feedback. Sessions often look like traditional counseling or professional consultation sessions; however, the angels weigh-in as well, asking questions, providing guidance, support, offering suggestions and affirmations. In going beyond traditional consultations, guidance includes the Divine’s understanding of the larger picture and the unique place we each fill in the world. Based on her many years of experience as a psychotherapist, Brenda is able to offer traditional counseling guidance as well in relation to personal concerns.

Angel Sessions can be used to focus on personal issues and business decisions as well---the Universe wants us to have peace, joy and success in all areas of life!

While the client comes to the session with intentions, the angels guide how the work is done. At times, with the angels’ guidance and approval, other beings are also present in the sessions, such as spirit guides or deceased loved ones. Sometimes the angels suggest using some of the session for energy healing work, to assist their messages in settling deeply within the cells of the client.

As with all of Brenda’s work, she holds the intention to be an open and clear conduit for sharing the Divine’s messages for others. At times, the angels may communicate in visions, parables, sharing with a client “past life” influences, or asking further clarifying questions. The client can also ask the angels clarifying questions, just as one can in any conversation.

While the angels can share with us the pros and cons of particular choices we may consider, what the angels almost never do is tell us the future. The highest values of the Divine are Love and Free-Will. The future is fluid and changeable; often it is unhelpful for our intended path to know the future before it occurs. As always, no matter what suggestions and information are shared in sessions, it is up to the client to decide how to best use the information, energy and support provided by the Universe.

When would a person choose Angel Sessions?

Angel Sessions can be valuable any time a person is seeking clarity, hope, joy, guidance, direction, nurturing and support, any time a sense of connection to the Divine is desired— any time a person might seek personal or professional counseling or consultation. Many people use it as a way to gain specific Divine guidance or understanding about a concern, issue, or decision.

When seeking angelic advice, it is helpful to understand that the Divine cares for us unconditionally; therefore, choices are not judged as "good" or "bad," only as options with consequences and effects. Some decisions bring us closer in line with our intended path and some take us further off course. Brenda has found it is always best to hold a higher intention to be at one with the will of the Divine and on your unique intended path.

Some examples of when a person might have an Angel Session may include:
  • If you are seeking spiritual understanding concerning an issue or relationship
  • If you have a specific issue or concern you are unsure how to approach
  • If you feel stuck or frustrated concerning an issue
  • To clarify past/future influences, with the goal of understanding and healing
  • To experience support for yourself in the physical and spiritual realms
  • To increase your awareness of and connection with your angels
  • To find direction and clarity about your intended path

What can I expect in an Angel Session?

Brenda will initially review any paperwork the client has filled out. Then, she will take a moment or two to breathe deeply and allow both herself and the client to settle into the space. Silently or aloud, Brenda will ask the angels to be present, thanking them for their love and guidance. She will also ask them to assist her in being as open and clear a conduit as possible. She will hold the intention that the session will serve the highest good of all concerned, especially that of the client. From there, the client is free to share whatever concerns or questions they may have.

Brenda or the angels may ask clarifying questions. Often as the client is sharing, the angels chime in with questions, suggestions, or helpful information. Brenda always attempts to be clear with clients when questions, observations or suggestions are from her or from the angels. (If you are ever unsure, please ask.) In all ways, the session is a creative conversation. If the client does not understand the angels’ intent, or disagrees with the angels’ suggestion, it is always best to be honest and say so. Often, this brings about more clarity and understanding and support. Angels are never offended; they never have feelings of hurt or anger. The angels serve the Divine; there is never judgment or criticism, only clarity and infinite love and patience.

When the angels believe it is helpful for the client, they allow in the presence other Beings—sometimes those who have passed, sometimes spirit guides. In Brenda’s experience, these other presences are often significant in helping a particular client heal or gain clarity or support. The angels are in charge of this, and the space always remains a safe sacred space.

It is usually recommended that the client bring paper and pen, to take notes. If preferred, they may bring a regular sized tape, and Brenda can record the session on a traditional tape machine. Many times, the angels’ guidance has layers of meaning over time, or can be interpreted in various ways, so it can be helpful to have a clear record of the experience for later understanding.

Remember, the Divine values Free-Will and Love. Whatever information a person is given, ultimately each person must make the choices that feel most right to him or her.

Most Angel Sessions are 50-60 minutes in length.

Can an Angel Session be done long-distance?

Yes. Long-Distance Angel Sessions can be done in two different ways. They can be done over the phone or through e-mail. When done over the phone, an appointment time is scheduled, and the client calls Brenda’s office number at that time. Brenda will then immediately call the client back (on a phone with a better connection),

Angel Sessions can also be done through e-mail. The disadvantage to this type of session is the lack of creative conversation between the client and the angels. However, it can prove helpful, especially if there is a specific question or issue about which the client wishes clarity.

Can Angels Sessions be done with more than one person at a time or with small groups?

Yes. Angel Sessions can be done individually, as a couple, or with groups. With groups, the format can take various approaches: Everyone in a group can share the experience, with each person allowed 10-15 minutes of conversation with the angels; or each person can take turns in private having a half-hour of time conversing with the angels. The options are endless. Some people enjoy planning an “Angel Party,” inviting friends over for an afternoon or evening to have a small group Angel Session together.

Can I learn to connect with my angels myself?

YES! The angels are always there for us, whether we are aware of their presence or not. Just ask for their help, ask for them to make themselves known to you in whatever way you can best understand. Not everyone needs to see or hear their angels. Angels can communicate with us through our intuition, our dreams, signs in nature, books—the options are as unlimited as they are!

Brenda also offers Angel Connection Training for groups. This training offers specifics to increase your vibration and skills of connection with your angels. If you are interested in knowing when trainings are held, please inquire or ask to be put on the Wisdom 360‘s mailing list. If you would like to schedule one for your group, please contact Wisdom 360.

There are books that describe how to connect with the angels. Some of those Brenda recommends are listed in the resources section.